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Unique Content

Create content fingerprint from its data source. This fingerprint is registered onto blockchain so it is immutable.

Data System

Every change of the content is logged so that the history and the origin of the data is traceable.

Data Verification

Verification platform uses AI technology to detect changes to content and allow analysis near data origin.

Tech & Applications


Numbers framework contains 3 main layers, infrastructure, data control, and applications. Data created from mobile App built with Numbers SDK will have a unique fingerprint generated from its metadata, such as GPS location, timestamp, network provider, mobile model, etc.

Framework Stack

Basic Data Flow


The fingerprint of content is created at its origin with information collected from devices. Changes and use of data is logged automatically to make sure it is not misused. Content reader can trace the history of content or verify its authenticity more easily.

Content Verification


With Numbers framework, media content can be traced to its origin to better combat misinformation problems. Because data and its fingerprint are kept in the decentralized storage, it is easier to keep content safe even under extreme circumstances.

Photo Sharing App


Mediant is a photo-sharing App with only verifiable photos and videos. Photos and videos are signed and uploaded to the decentralized storage with their fingerprint. Users can create groups and share the content with friends.

Data Network


Numbers framework is also used to create Data Network to allow individuals to regain control of their own data. With Numbers, user data in the network can be properly registered, and every use of the data is logged to ensure the fair sharing environment.

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Demo video with HTC Exodus at MWC 2019


About Numbers

Numbers is a company based in Taiwan. The mission is to create an open, transparent and traceable data system. We believe traceable agricultural products helps us maintain healthy bodies; traceable data will help us maintain healthy minds and can eventually rebuild the trust in the society



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