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Numbers brings together decentralized technology, a trust framework, and an ecosystem for data and related services.

The mission is to build the DATA NETWORK POWERED BY PEOPLE. The Numbers Client helps users collect, control, and invest with their personal data, while the Numbers Data Trust helps monetize the data.

In the Numbers Data Marketplace, data is licensed with traceability and transparency. The privacy and ownership of the data owner are guaranteed to ensure they have control over their own personal data.



Tammy Yang


Tammy Yang is a data scientist and physicist. Her Ph.D. research was about looking for Higgs Boson from massive detector data. This experience of mining from very big data helped her become an excellent data scientist. Before founding Numbers, she worked for Canonical and Viscovery as the tech lead and the data scientist to develop AI algorithms.


Bofu Chen


Bofu Chen is the top-five open-source developer of Taiwan and the architect and developer of BerryNet project. Before founding Numbers, he worked as the Tech Lead in Canonical. Bofu has strong faith in FLOSS (free/libre and open-source software) and is active in the open-source community.


Phil Chen


Phil Chen treats entrepreneurial and venture investing endeavors as liberal art pursuits. In 2005, Phil began his career at an e-book start-up which culminated in the Alex Reader, that eventually became the Barnes & Noble Nook. Two years later, Phil joined HTC as product manager, building the first android phones on earth and launching the Facebook phone. In 2018, he founded HTC Exodus, the first blockchain phone in the world. He is also an investor, Phil founded the world's first VR/AR fund Presence Capital and joined Horizons Ventures investing in VR/AR, AI, and Blockchain technologies. He serves on the board of several startups in Silicon Valley, London, New Zealand, and Taiwan.


Ning Lu



Sofia Yan

Business Development


Paul Liu

FLOSS Hacker


Phidias Chiang

Backend and Architecture